In the recent months, Volunteer Florida has made several changes to its staff, promoting several deserving employees, while hiring additional personnel. Read more about these individuals – including their their responsibilities and work experience – below.


Savannah Kelly

Promoted to Executive Liaison and Legislative Coordinator

Savannah Kelly was promoted to Executive Liaison and Legislative Coordinator in April 2018. In this role, she continues to engage the Commission and Foundation Board, while supporting the agency’s legislative initiatives and Cabinet Affairs. Savannah began working at Volunteer Florida in August 2017 as the Executive Assistant. In January 2018, she was recognized as the Employee of the Quarter for her exemplary performance and professionalism.


Erik Steffen

Promoted to Director of Information Technology

After serving the past six years as Communications Technology Specialist for Volunteer Florida, Erik Steffen was recently promoted to Information Technology Director. In this new role, he will ensure that the agency’s laptops, servers, portable devices, databases, files and systems are continuously available and secure. Erik has worked at Volunteer Florida for seven years.


Tracie Lambright

Promoted to Senior Financial Analyst

As the Senior Financial Analyst, Tracie Lambright’s responsibilities include budgeting and grant management. She continues to handle the daily tasks of the Finance Department including budgeting, grants management and supporting the Florida Disaster Fund as well as all HR-related functions. Tracie has been with Volunteer Florida for four years.


Marcia Warfel

Promoted to Emergency Management Deputy Director

Marcia Warfel is the alternate emergency coordinator officer at the State Emergency Operations Center and is the deputy in the Director’s absence. Marcia’s primary duties include training, partner engagement, and grants management. She has been with Volunteer Florida since June 2014.



Anitra Thomas

Promoted to AmeriCorps Program Manager

As the AmeriCorps Program Manager, Anitra Thomas oversees 9 of the 34 programs under the AmeriCorps portfolio. Anitra is responsible for grant and contract management of a portfolio within Volunteer Florida’s AmeriCorps Programs. She has the primary responsibility of managing contract deliverables and grant management activities associated with AmeriCorps programs. She has been with Volunteer Florida for over ten years.

New Hires

Erin Sjostrom

Hired as Chief Financial Officer

Erin Sjostrom started in April 2018 as the CFO of Volunteer Florida.  She is responsible for the financial aspect of both the Commission and Foundation, managing funds and directing future expenditures.  She has spent the majority of her career in the financial services industry, including commercial and corporate lending as well as credit administration and risk management.  Erin gained experience with federal and state grants through her volunteer boards.  Previously she worked for the State of Florida as the Director of Retirement as well as being appointed to serve on the Florida Prepaid College Board.  She grew up in Florida and is excited to have the opportunity to serve the people of the state in this capacity.


Audra Peoples

Hired as External Affairs Director

Audra Peoples started in March 2018 as the External Affairs Director for Volunteer Florida.  She is responsible for the communications department and legislative affairs at the agency, Commission and Foundation.  She has spent the majority of her career in the non-profit community, working with public relations and event planning.  Audra has experience with advocacy and grants through her former board and professional positions. Audra is a native Floridian and is thrilled to serve at Volunteer Florida.


Aly Coleman

Hired as External Affairs Coordinator

Aly Coleman recently graduated from Florida State University, where she studied political science and public relations. While she gained valuable communications experience, she also served at multiple nonprofit organizations, including Habitat for Humanity and the American Cancer Society. She is passionate about volunteering and is excited to promote community service throughout the state.


Braelyn Russell and Beverly Graham

Hired as External Affairs Interns

Braelyn Russell and Beverly Graham are both Florida A&M University students seeking a degree in Journalism in 2019. They are avid volunteers and community advocates.