Today, Volunteer Florida announced that it has secured $27,154,577 in funding for those impacted by Hurricane Irma.  The funding, provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, will support a Disaster Case Management Program to advocate for families and individuals and help them access resources.

Volunteer Florida CEO Vivian Myrtetus said, “Volunteer Florida is proud to administer this grant on behalf of the State of Florida. This funding will allow us to provide Floridians with a single point of contact who will advocate for them and help them through the recovery process. We are thankful for our partnership with FEMA and the Division of Emergency Management.”

As the state’s lead agency for volunteers and donations before, during, and after disasters, Volunteer Florida has coordinated the efforts of local, state, national, and international disaster relief organizations since before Hurricane Irma made landfall and in the following months.

Volunteer Florida sub-grantees will provide the following types of services to families impacted by Hurricane Irma:

  • Individual assessments of unmet needs caused by Hurricane Irma
  • Assisting families and individuals access food, shelter, and clothing
  • Assisting families and individuals access home reconstruction and repair services
  • Reviewing, analyzing, and/or negotiating with contractors regarding cost estimates for construction repairs/rebuilding resulting from flood damage
  • Coordinating activities of volunteers/workers completing repair and reconstruction projects
  • Providing financial planning
  • Assisting with access to child care and school supplies
  • Developing goal-oriented plans for families and individuals
  • Progress monitoring
  • Client advocacy

The grant funding will be dispersed via a competitive RFP to qualified organizations. This grant funding is not intended for individual assistance. To view the RFP and application instructions, please visit this link.