After a series of natural disasters, including a flood in 2014 and two tornadoes in 2016, Escambia County benefited from the Florida Disaster Fund. As the state’s private fund for assisting communities during times of emergency or disaster, the Florida Disaster Fund allowed thousands of citizens in Pensacola and surrounding areas to rebuild their homes, schools, businesses and ultimately, their lives.

For that reason, WEAR-TV and Cat Country 98.7 hosted “Operation: Help Our Neighbor”  to raise money for the Florida Disaster Fund and support their fellow Floridians who were affected by Hurricane Michael. In only 14 hours, they spoke to hundreds of shoppers at the local mall and ultimately, raised more then $87,700.

According to Kathy Dunagan, the Promotions Manager for WEAR-TV, it was all because of the “incredible generosity” of the community.

Volunteer Florida would like to thank WEAR-TV, Cat Country 98.7 and all of Escambia County for their commitment to helping their neighbors when they need it the most. Groups or individuals who want to follow their lead can donate to the Florida Disaster Fund by:

  • Texting “DISASTER” ($10) or “DISASTER25” ($25) to 20222
  • Visiting Volunteer Florida’s website – – and clicking “DONATE”
  • Sending checks to the Volunteer Florida Foundation (please include “Volunteer Florida Foundation” in the memo line) :
    • 3800 Esplanade Way, Suite 180, Tallahassee, FL 32311

To coordinate corporate donations, please email