Tallahassee – During today’s meeting of the Florida Cabinet, Governor Rick Scott and Volunteer Florida CEO Chester Spellman awarded two recipients with the Champion of Service Award.

Governor Scott said, “It is an honor to recognize Albert Manero and the Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary with the Champion of Service Award today. Their selfless hard work and dedication to helping others has made an impact across our state and we are thankful for their service.”

Volunteer Florida CEO Chester Spellman said, “I am thrilled that we have the opportunity to present the Champion of Service Award to an innovative individual, Albert Manero, and an entire group of Florida volunteers, the Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary. From serving children in need of significant medical assistance to serving citizens and visitors traveling on our highways, both Champions of Service are making a difference in the Sunshine State. We are grateful for their efforts.”

The following two recipients were recognized with the award:

Albert Manero, Orlando – Albert Manero, a student at the University of Central Florida, launched Limbitless Solutions in collaboration with fellow students. Limbitless Solutions provides bionic arms and hands to children using 3-D printing at no cost to the family. The organization has received hundreds of requests from children in need from across the world, and its first international recipient was a 6-year-old boy from Brazil. Manero has been recognized with the Order of Pegasus, one of UCF’s most prestigious awards, and was featured on CNN and the Today Show. Most recently, Albert announced the “12 Arms for Christmas” initiative at the Florida Board of Governors’ Trustee Summit. The 12 Arms for Christmas initiative aims to create and deliver arms for 12 children around the country in time for the holiday season.

The Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary – The Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary (FHPA) is an all-volunteer law enforcement organization who assist disabled motorists and respond to natural disasters and emergency situations. FHPA Troopers are volunteers but undergo rigorous training similar to a full time State Trooper, including 320 hours of training by FDLE-approved instructors. Florida currently has 230 FHPA members. They join state troopers to provide backup and many are also certified to patrol in their own marked patrol units to provide assistance.