According to the Independent Sector, one volunteer hour in the State of Florida is worth $20.08. In 2017, nearly 3.8 million Florida residents volunteered, contributing an estimated economic value of $8.2 billion according to the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Yes, you read that correctly, $8.2 billion with a “B.”

Volunteers contribute greatly to our state’s economy and success. Without volunteers, many of the goods and services that we know today would cease to exist. Volunteers help support organizations and expand otherwise limited resources and services. Volunteers also have the ability to bring new energy and ideas, specialized skills and diversity to the organizations they serve. Some of the biggest advocates that organizations have are volunteers who drive the organization’s recruitment and overall success.



Volunteering is mutually beneficial. Like the organizations they serve, volunteers also grow and gain skills that they may not have had before. Volunteering is linked to higher rates of employment and physical and mental health benefits. Those who serve have even reported increased social connections and advancements in their careers.

So whether you are thinking of giving back this holiday season or starting something new in 2020, consider volunteering. Every hour that you spend volunteering counts – $20.08 to be exact.

To get started with a volunteer opportunity in your community today, please visit our new platform Volunteer Connect available on Volunteer Connect is the State of Florida’s official volunteer opportunities platform which provides a streamlined mechanism for volunteers to connect with local nonprofits and governmental entities in need of their time and talents. Volunteer Connect, your source for service.