“We encourage all eligible organizations to use Volunteer Connect to strengthen their daily operations, fulfill their respective missions and ultimately create more vibrant communities across the state.”

Sabeen Perwaiz Syed, Executive Director of the Florida Nonprofit Alliance

Just as businesses or nonprofits need to target specific donor or client audiences, volunteer coordinators regularly think about creative and strategic ways to recruit volunteers. Attracting individuals, families and groups to the wide range of volunteer options available in Florida’s communities takes work! You post flyers, table at events, share on social media, speak to social and civic groups of all kinds and brainstorm additional ways to share your message. It’s a wonderful feeling when those outreach tactics payoff.

At Volunteer Florida, we encourage organizations to consider the benefits of all recruitment avenues. We think Volunteer Connect will be an important one. As the state’s official volunteer opportunities platform, our plans to promote the site to Floridians is ongoing. Through partners and more formal marketing efforts, we believe the site will become an established and familiar go-to space for the public.

There are a variety of digital platforms provided by great organizations around the state. If you recruit volunteers in those regions, investigate those options too. We believe that more visibility means more volunteers. We see advertisements for the same product on multiple television channels or websites, right? This is similar! Individuals in your communities will find your organization’s volunteer opportunities through any number of recruitment channels.

How do you decide which of those avenues to use? Volunteer coordinators know that strategy and planning are key to recruitment and to all volunteer management work!

Our next several webinars cover recruitment and volunteer management basics. Join us and learn how Volunteer Connect can be a great source for your organization.

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