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Volunteer Florida (officially recognized as the Florida Commission on Community Service) receives over $43 million in federal and state funding to support our efforts to expand national service, promote disaster resiliency and advocate for volunteerism in Florida. The agency is guided by a bipartisan board of Commissioners, who are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Florida Senate.

In 1994, Volunteer Florida was established to administer national service programs, such as AmeriCorps, throughout the state. Today, the majority of these programs are education-based, but grantees are also actively working to protect public land, end homelessness and help adults with developmental disabilities live independently.

After Hurricane Andrew hit Florida, Volunteer Florida evolved to serve as the state’s lead agency for mobilizing volunteers and coordinating donations before, during and after disasters. The Volunteer Florida Foundation also manages the Florida Disaster Fund, the official fund for aiding Florida’s communities after disasters.

Finally, Volunteer Florida exists to endorse volunteerism as a solution to critical issues in Florida. The agency hosts annual community service projects (i.e. Suits for Session) and manages Florida's official volunteer opportunities platform, Volunteer Connect.






National service addresses some our nation’s most pressing challenges and allows Americans to meet their fellow citizens' needs through service.

It began with President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s creation of the Civilian Conservation Corps (now known as NCCC) in the 1930s. President Kennedy established the Peace Corps in the 1960s; President Johnson worked with Congress to pass the Volunteers in Service to America Act (VISTA) in 1964; and President George H.W. Bush signed into law the National and Community Services Act of 1990, which established a Commission on National and Community Service.

In 1993, President Bill Clinton amended President Bush’s legislation to create the federal agency known as the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS). The law also required each state to create a state service commission, administratively housed in the Executive Office of the Governor, that would receive and distribute federal funds for national service programs.

In accordance with this legislation, Volunteer Florida (officially recognized as the Florida Commission on Community Service) was created by an Executive Order of Governor Lawton Chiles in 1993 and established in Florida Statutes 14.29 by the Florida Legislature a year later.

In 1997, following Hurricane Andrew, Volunteer Florida’s mission evolved and the agency expanded to serve as the state’s lead agency for mobilizing volunteers and managing donations before, during and after disasters.

Today, Volunteer Florida is one of 52 state service commissions throughout the United States (including Puerto Rico and Guam).

Employment Opportunities

Consultant – AmeriCorps Program Development

Volunteer Florida is currently looking for an AmeriCorps Program Development Consultant to join our team.

The AmeriCorps Program Development Consultant is responsible for targeted engagement of applicable organizations to promote the AmeriCorps funding opportunity. This consultant position will have the primary responsibility for engaging and tracking outreach to a wide variety of organizations. This position requires in depth knowledge of AmeriCorps funding requirements and strong relationship skills. Compensation is anticipated to be approximately $20,000 according to a deliverable based contract.

Desired Skills and Experience

The ideal candidate will have a detailed understanding of AmeriCorps State/National funding, be internally motivated towards excellence and will have a passion for service. Other knowledge, skills and experience include the following:

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite Software
  • Knowledge of and proficiency in the annual AmeriCorps Notice of Funding Opportunity
  • Knowledge of and proficiency in the AmeriCorps program design and budget requirements
  • Ability to attend required meetings or events
  • Knowledge in community collaborations and partnerships
  • Skill in personal interaction and human relations
  • Skill in communicating orally and in writing using tact and professionalism
  • Ability to work independently and solve problems effectively
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities and be flexible under tight deadlines
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others
  • Ability to travel

Volunteer Florida is the state’s lead agency for volunteerism and national service for Florida. Volunteer Florida administers over $43M in federal and state funding to deliver high-impact national service and volunteer programs in Florida.

To apply for this position:

1) Submit a cover letter, your resume and a summary of your plan for engaging Florida organizations to apply for AmeriCorps funding. Your plan should include types of organizations, methods of outreach and should reflect the number of potential applications received by Volunteer Florida at the end of a 12 month period. Deadline for submission is August 23, 2019.

2) Information should be sent to: careers@volunteerflorida.org


Internship Opportunities

Volunteer Florida is always seeking skilled interns. To apply, send your resume to careers@volunteerflorida.org.

Commitment to Transparency

Volunteer Florida values transparency and accountability in order to ensure good stewardship of taxpayer dollars. Volunteer Florida’s fiscal activities are reported regularly to federal and state funders and the organization undergoes an annual A-133 audit. Additionally, Volunteer Florida’s Commission and Foundation Board meetings are publicly-noticed and in compliance with the Florida Sunshine Law. Volunteer Florida is committed to the highest level of transparency.


Volunteer Florida is governed by a bipartisan Commission, whose members are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Florida Senate per Florida Statute 14.29. The Volunteer Florida Foundation is a non-profit established as a direct support organization for Volunteer Florida. The Foundation raises funds to support Volunteer Florida’s programs and support Governor’s initiatives. The Volunteer Florida Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors subject to approval by the Volunteer Florida Commission.

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Public Records

Volunteer Florida operates in compliance with the Florida Public Records Law, Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, governing the public’s right to access records. Records are available during normal business hours and may be requested in person, or via phone, fax, email or regular mail using the contact information below. Please address requests to:

Volunteer Florida
1545 Raymond Diehl Road
Suite 250
Tallahassee, Florida 32308
Phone: (850) 414-7400
Email: info@volunteerflorida.org

Sunshine Law

As part of the State of Florida’s commitment to Government in the Sunshine, Volunteer Florida provides public access to agency meetings and records. Volunteer Florida’s Commission and Foundation Board meetings are all publicly-noticed and in compliance with the Florida Sunshine Law. For a listing of publicly noticed meetings, click here.