TALLAHASSEE – As Florida’s lead agency for volunteers and donations before, during, and after disasters, Volunteer Florida is working closely with Governor Scott and the Division of Emergency Management to support those impacted by Hurricane Hermine.

“Following Hurricane Hermine, Floridians are seeking to volunteer, donate items, and provide financial assistance to support recovery efforts,” said Volunteer Florida CEO Chester Spellman. “Volunteer Florida is working with over forty emergency management partners and three AmeriCorps teams to leverage the extraordinary human capital of volunteers so that we can serve more Floridians.”

State Coordinating Officer Bryan W. Koon said, “Supporting established and reputable relief organizations is a great way to assist those who have been impacted or displaced by Hurricane Hermine. Cash donations are the best way for these organizations to help survivors return to normal as quickly as possible.”

Floridians interested in providing assistance to families and communities impacted by Hermine should consider the following:

  • Financial Assistance: Financial support to established relief organizations is always the most immediate, useful and versatile way to give. Through donations, those affected can receive the aid they need. Financial assistance allows relief organizations to purchase and provide the supplies that are needed the most.
  • Confirm:  Confirm there is a need before collecting or sending donated items. At this time, there are no needed items for those impacted by Hurricane Hermine. Volunteer Florida encourages cash donations to local emergency/volunteer organizations.
  • Connect:  Volunteers are a critical part of a well-coordinated and well-resourced humanitarian response, but potential volunteers should confirm that they are needed before traveling to impacted areas. If you are interested volunteering, please visit this link.

To see a list of organizations serving those impacted by Hurricane, please visit this link.

For a list of Division of Emergency Management resources, please visit this link.