Penny Miller
Patricia ‘Penny’ Miller
CEO of Miller & Associates, Insurance and Financial Planning
Ocala, Marion County

Patricia ‘Penny’ Miller was first appointed by Governor Jeb Bush in 2000. She has since served under Governor Charlie Crist, Governor Rick Scott and is currently serving under Governor Ron DeSantis. She has served as a member and Chair of the Legislative Committee and member of the Communications Committee since her first appointment.

Penny began her path of service and volunteerism during her early teens while working during the summers in high school at the County Courthouse in WVA, her home state. Throughout those years, she served and worked with several Governors, Congressman, and leaders, both on professional and political endeavors, on State and National levels, (WV and FL), always for the good of others and to be the blessing God had intended.

Penny is the CEO/Founder of Miller and Associates for 33 years, an Insurance and Financial/Estate Planning Firm. Penny has served on the Sunset Rotary Club Board and as Membership Chair; Co-Founder and Past President of the College Park Kiwanis Club of Ocala for over 20 years; the Advisory Board for Macy’s for 13 years; the Board of the Marion County YMCA for 5 years, and the Board of the MCCC (Marion County Continuity of Care) for 2 years.

Commissioner Miller has been in the Publishing and Media Industry for over 25 years. During these years, she created and developed 2 successful Regional and Statewide publications. She was awarded and presented the #1 State Director (FL) in the Publishing/Sales of Magazines by the FMA-Florida Magazine Association. She served with the FMA as a member of the Membership and Finance Committee.

Commissioner Miller is involved and served on the Advisory Board for the National Barbara Bush Family Literacy Foundation for over 12 years, a National organization founded by Barbara Bush, serving thousands of families by ‘Bringing Life through Literacy’  across the Country for over 25 years.  Penny is the Co-Founder and Director of the Marion County Coalition for the Homeless from 1991-2000, a 501c3 organization with a mission to develop new programs/services for the Homeless, with a focus on children and families, and to prevent duplication of services and create ways to fill in ‘gaps’ of necessary services. During her tenure, she orchestrated the ID Card System for the Homeless in partnership with the Salvation Army and a Brochure (in partnership with the School Board)  titled, ‘The Marion County Survival Guide’ in which all Law Enforcement, City and County, Schools, Churches, Hospitals and Charities, used for those 10 years as the guide for finding help for the needy, homeless, and less fortunate.  She published a monthly newsletter to bring awareness for all agencies and the needs of the homeless.  Over 100 Charitable organizations were members during this time under her leadership. Most all programs implemented during these years are still serving the homeless. The Coalition, now known as Council, is still in operation as of today.

Penny formed a partnership with MRMC (Munroe Regional Medical Center) in 1997 in order to implement the County’s own PPO which was completed after 2 full years of compilation of information and connecting all CEO’s, Physicians and those in Directive roles of all Insurance providers, Networks, Hospitals, and Physician Providers.  The programs necessary for proper rates for insureds according to specific area rating, physician per diem and percentages as providers, were adapted and placed through her consistent work with all Actuarial departments within and through the  pertinent Insurance Companies, and the Medical Industry.

Ms. Miller is  a member and Past President and State/National Board Member of NALU/NAIFA (National Association of Insurance/Financial Advisors) since 1981. Commissioner Miller is a member of NAHU, the National Association of Health Underwriters. She holds the designation of LUTCF (Life Underwriter and Training Council Fellow), while matriculating into the CLU (Certified Life Underwriter) and CHFC (Chartered Financial Consultant) designations. Ms. Miller has achieved status and multiple awards in Advanced Estate and Financial Planning. Additional merits include MDRT, NQA, NSAA, and AMTC. She served as the WV State Membership Chair and was appointed to the WV Board of Insurance Professionals of NALU in addition to being nominated to represent WV in Washington DC for the State Board of the Insurance and Financial Industry.

She is a 10-year member of NAFE (National Association for Female Executives), a member of NAPW (National Association of Professional Women), and a Charter Member of the NHMW (National History Museum for Women) in Washington, DC with founding Chair Meryl Streep.

Penny has raised 4 children as a single mother; 3 daughters, Felicity, Amber and Jovan of which all have College degrees in law, business and architectural engineering with successful careers in the oil and gas industry, and a son, Austin Abshier, who is now serving the USA as one of the proud and the few in the US Marine Corps, specializing in Aviation.  She also has 5 grandchildren; Leyton, Addison, Cole and two twins, Gehrig and Gage.

Commissioner Miller is a writer and an author of 5 books, currently in the process of publishing.

Her Mission in Life is to Serve but never be self-serving and to have a Passion for those less fortunate and to never forget that keeping God at the Helm of her life, will always lead the way.

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