Jovita Woodrich


Jovita Woodrich
Volunteer Services Director

What kind of volunteering do you do? I volunteer a good bit of time with To The Village Square, a nonpartisan organization committed to facilitating civil dialog and building civic trust among diverse groups of people. I am a member of a citizen advisory group for the City, and participate in grant review committees for the Big Bend Homeless Coalition. I plan to start tutoring kiddos this year.

What’s your favorite sports team? “We’re gonna fight, fight, fight, for FSU!”

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done? I have a multi-way tie. Spending time in England, Colorado and on the West Coast, seeing Diana Ross in concert (I cried most of the way through it), attending an incredible conference called Redemption in Texas.

What are you thankful for? Friendships!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? It’s ok to say “No.”

Who is your hero? My parents tie with one another!

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