Chucha Barber is President of Chucha Barber Productions, Inc., a firm founded in 2003 which creates award-winning audio/visual experiences including: television programs, documentaries, original music, commercials and web videos.

She is a six-time Emmy winning Producer as well as the recipient of a Gracie Award as a Documentary Producer from the Alliance for Women in Media.

Among many projects, her recent work includes a documentary about the late Ralph Sanchez, the founder of The Miami Grand Prix and the history of that event’s impact on the City of Miami. As the official video firm for The Lauren’s Kids Foundation, her team produces videos intended to reduce Child Sexual Abuse through education and awareness.

“90 Miles” is her latest production, a story 10 years in the making about Cuban/American history told through the eyes of an American journalist who covered events that included Fidel Castro’s rise to power, the Bay of Pigs invasion and the Cuban Missile Crisis. This is a very personal project for her as the journalist was both the first Latin American Editor for The Miami Herald and her father.