Chucha Barber

Chucha Barber

Chucha Barber
President, Chucha Barber Productions
Tallahassee, Leon County

Chucha Barber is President of Chucha Barber Productions, Inc., a firm founded in 2003 which creates award-winning audio/visual experiences including television programs, documentaries, original music, commercials, and web videos.

Recent work has included the production of a national public service spot distributed by CBS Cares to promote awareness of child sexual abuse for the Lauren’s Kids Foundation as well as a documentary on the same subject which won an Emmy in December 2016.

A national television series about Cuban-American History is currently in development. It details events of national significance including the Bay of Pigs Invasion and the Cuban Missile Crisis as covered by the first Latin American Editor of The Miami Herald, who happens to be Chucha’s late father, George Southworth.  The series, titled 90 Miles, is inspired by her dad.

A documentary about the story of Rafael A. Sanchez is also in production. It is the story of the history of car racing in South Florida from 1983 to the present and one man’s impact on the sport, a city, and people whose lives have been forever altered for the privilege of knowing him.  In a time of national dialogue regarding immigration, it is important to reflect on the impact of one man who began his life in the U.S. as a child in the “Pedro Pan” Program.

Chucha Barber Productions works with ABC NEWS producing several news stories of national interest, and also as a field producer. The most recent project being a 20/20 episode regarding a murder that occurred in Tallahassee.

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