Christina Bonarrigo

Christina Bonarrigo Villamil
Associate Director of External Affairs, University of Florida Coral Gables Office
Coral Gables, Miami-Dade County

Christina Bonarrigo Villamil is the current Associate Director of External Affairs for the University of Florida Coral Gables Office. Prior to her current role with the University of Florida, Christina and her husband TJ started a company, The Villamil Group, which provides consulting services to family offices in the State of Florida.

Christina previously worked for MBF Healthcare Partners and The Heavener Company as the Director of Special Projects and Strategic Initiatives and Project Manager respectfully. Upon graduation, Christina began working for The Heavener Company as the Project Manager handling all political and community relations in the greater Orlando community. She raised over $1 million for local, state, and federal campaigns. She then moved to Coral Gables and began working for MBF Healthcare Partners. At MBF Healthcare Partners, Christina managed all political and external affairs as well as special projects relating to the Miami community. She helped manage over $5 million in contributions both politically and philanthropically.

Christina graduated in May 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a specialization in Political Campaigns and Public Affairs and graduated in May 2014 with her Masters of Science in Business Management. In June 2016, Christina married TJ Villamil, whom she met at the University of Florida while they were both attending school there.

Christina is a former Student Body President and Trustee at the University of Florida. Prior to her role as Student Body President, she served as the President of the Student Government Senate and also served as the Budget and Appropriations Chairwoman that oversaw an $18.7 million budget. As Student Body President, she was able to effectively work with the State Legislature to secure $10 million in public funding and $5 million in private funding for a state of the art student learning facility, Newell Hall, in the heart of UF’s campus. Christina currently resides in Coral Gables with her husband TJ Villamil.

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